100 Hours of fragrance for your Home! 

What do you find inside?

3 packs of Petali in 3 different fragrances: Pomegranate, White Musk, and Home-Sweet-Home
25 Tilli tealight candles 
1 Petali Scent Warmer

A gift embraced in a flower!

The ideal solution for a perfect gift.

An occasion to relax in a scented and elegant surrounding:
 your home!

The selection of Petali inside the Kit gives the chance to test three of the most popular scents including the fresh and clean scent of White Musk, the sweet and fruity notes of Pomegranate and the delicate citrus fragrance of the Home Sweet Home scent.

Petali Kit is convenient and comprehensive:
 The fragrance, the decoration and the creation of a unique atmosphere